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Matcha Tea Set - Fabric Wrapping

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At Bangoshi, we think outside the box, literally. We wanted to offer you the perfect matcha tea set and found inspiration in Japan to create a beautiful reusable packaging. Made of fabric, this packaging is inspired from the furoshiki technique popular in Japan since the 8th century. We use recycled fabric to reduce are ecological footprint.

Our matcha tea set includes :

  • 40 g. of Bangoshi Matcha (40 portions)
  • 1 Matcha Whisk
  • 1 Matcha Spoon 
  • 2 Matcha Recipes
  • Reusable packaging 

More details:

Bangoshi Matcha is grown in the Uji region near Kyoto. The tea bushes are shade grown to achieve a mellow taste: a balance between herbaceous and sweet. 

Health benefits: stable energy, calm awareness, concentration, antioxidants. 

This bamboo whisk is the traditionnal tool to emulsify matcha. Each matcha whisk is handmade and has 80 "prongs": tines of the whisk helping you dissolve the matcha. 

This delicate matcha spoon carved in bamboo is named a "chashaku" in Japan. This spoon is used to measure matcha in Japanese tea ceremonies.


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Customer Reviews

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Rebeca Giroux
Matcha set


Danyka Marleau

Matcha Tea Set

Maude Laflamme
Outstanding matcha

I'm so happy I found Bangoshi! The matcha is the best I've bought in Québec and it's local to me to boot! It mixes very easily in water and the taste is smooth and fresh.
I purchased the tea set - the whisk does a great job and the spoon is quite cute. It has a lot more decorum than the plastic teaspoon I used to use!
Extra points for friendly customer service. ;)

manon toupin

Matcha Tea Set