Our Story

How it started

While visiting Japan in 2016, my boyfriend and I discovered the beauty of matcha. Matcha was everywhere: in convenience store, hotels and in the finest restaurants! We got a chance to take part in a traditional tea ceremony and that’s when we truly realized the place of matcha in Japan, through preparing, enjoying and sharing it. Matcha is part of formal Japanese traditions, but it’s also incorporated in ice cream, Oreos and Kitats! Matcha can fit every mood and circumstances. I want to bring this experience back in a matcha company in Montreal Canada, a simple, fun and affordable product, while sharing its true Japanese colors. :) 


What does “Bangoshi” mean?

The story behind the name goes back to a night at Ippei, a sushi bar in Kanazawa, about 500 kilometers west from Tokyo. My boyfriend and I were finishing our sushis when two slightly tipsy bankers addressed us in Japanese.

The hostess, (also the chef’s wife!) acted as our translator to talk with our new friends. After comparing me to Maria Sharapova (I am a 5 feet and two inches brunet), the bankers asked us what we do for a living.

At that time, I was about to article in a Montreal law firm to become a lawyer in less than a year. To make it simple, since my friends were already intoxicated, I said that I am a “Bangoshi” (lawyer).

In Quebec, being a lawyer is generally well perceived, but nobody makes a big deal out of it. It’s different in Japan! Our banker friend stood up, and bowed down to me several times (with humor to be honest). Follows many laughs and a long discussion on the place of lawyers in society.

Back to our hotel, we searched what the fuss was all about. In Japan, a country of 130 million citizens, there is as many lawyers than in Quebec, a province of 8 million. There are very few female lawyers, even less young female lawyers. Since Japanese attribute great value to hierarchy, a professional title is quite something.

This story reminds us of our trip to Japan and funny moments. Even if we didn’t speak Japanese, laughter is contagious beyond cultures. This is the tone we want to give to this matcha company.

*Bangoshi is a phonetical translation  since the real word is written “Bengoshi”



Histoire thé vert matcha Bangoshi

the bankers from our story  ^^