Matcha Tea Benefits

1. Natural Matcha

There is a few reasons why matcha is good for you. But first of all it's a natural product. Our orginal Bangoshi Matcha is 100 % pure, without sugar and additives. Our matcha is grown in Uji, Japan and processed the traditionnal way: a delicite balance between nature and human intervention. See how matcha is made here !

2. Energy Booster

Because matcha powder is made up of entire tea leaves, and drank as such, it contains a greater content of caffeine and l-theanine. That means greater levels of energy to get your day going ! To learn more about the effects of caffeine and L-Theanine in you body, check out this article.

3. Improves Focus

Buddhist monks in Japan have been using matcha for centuries to reach deep states of meditation. It was also popular amongst samurais to improve awareness during combat. Ever since, it’s been demonstrated time and time again that matcha has a positive impact on focus.

4. Versatile

In addition to making great tea, matcha can be incorporated into many recipes adding an extra punch to your favorite dishes. Feel free to get inspired by looking at our recipes !

5. Superfood

Matcha can have an incredible impact on your health. The latest research acknowledges it is one the most antioxidant rich food known. Many studies also shown the significant impact matcha can have on your circulatory system. A great addition to your daily routine!