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Oh caffeine. You get us out of bed in the morning, help us concentrate and lighten up our days. Canadians drink in average 152 L of coffee per year to sustain their thirst for energy and caffeine. But not everyone absorbs coffee the same way. A high intake of caffeine can make you nervous, anxious, and cranky, increase your heart rate and even cause headaches. Not to mention the caffeine withdrawal symptoms !

These side effects are mainly caused by the high speed at which your body digests coffee: the caffeine level in your blood reaches its peak only 30 – 60 minutes after drinking a cup. It’s a roller-coaster.

This is why you may want to replace of few coffees by other healthy options still giving you the energy you need but without the stress and headaches. Or maybe you just want to switch things up and add variety to your routine!

Presenting : Caffeine Without Roller-Coasters 

Caffeine Matcha

Matcha will give you lots of energy without the jitters.

What is matcha? Why should i care? We are getting there.


Matcha: a superfood and a coffee replacement

Matcha is a type of green tea grown in Japan. The tea leaves are stone grounded into fine powder we can drink when dissolved in water (or in recipes). Matcha is not steeped tea since the leaves are powdered, allowing us to ingest all the nutriments and health benefits.

 matcha latte


mg of caffeine in a cup

Coffee versus matcha

A cup of matcha contains around 70 mg of caffeine, just under the caffeine level of an espresso. Health Canada recommends we ingest maximum 400 mg per day.


As much caffeine as an espresso, different results

As opposed to coffee, matcha also contains L-Theanine: a powerful amino acid known to induce calm, reduce stress and increase concentration. Matcha has double the caffeine level of regular green tea. Cafeine is a stimulant while L-Theanine has calming properties therefore creating a balance and no roller-coaster effect.

Matcha makes for a healthy coffee alternative. You can even make matcha smoothies!

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