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Bangoshi Matcha 40 g

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We tasted over 50 different matchas to choose this premium, high quality matcha as our first leading product. Like wine, the taste of matcha will depend on various factor: the region where it's grown, leaf selection, shade, and so on. 

Harvested in the Uji region, near Kyoto, the tea leaves are grown under shade for a mellow and delicious flavor. Its vibrant green color reflects its high quality. This mouth filling experience is a perfect balance between herbaceous and sweet. This grade is just one small step under ceremonial grade. We believe we found one of the best (and affordable) matcha powder in Japan. 

This matcha will make for excellent green tea lattes and add a refined touch to recipes.

Our famous matcha latte recipe is printed behind every bag. 

1 bag makes 40 cups.

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